Who are we ?

Our Club was founded in 1991 with a shared passion for exploring rivers, white water in sometimes wild and protected natural environments.
The objectives of the club are to cater for relaxation, play and the competitive dimension of our sport to all club members while increasing awareness of the aquatic environment and sharing our experiences.
It is through the renting of canoes and kayaks that we canfundthe teaching and practice our sport all year round !
Loire Aventure is located on l’Ile d’Or in a old “guinguette” borrow by the city of Amboise.

Notre matériel

Our canadian canoe

It’s impossible for us to rent some canoes that we will never use !
That’s why we offer you “Old Town” canoes, in two or three seats, the best of this category. Imported from the USA, it’s comfortable, light, inconspicuous, and spacious.
Our one seater kayak are comfortable sea kayaks with an easy quick start.